What’s so hot in the GOSS market?

Pragya Goenka
2 min readDec 3, 2020


Recently, I started watching a classic “Gossip Girl” and honestly, after Riverdale, it came across pretty good. Yeah, I know it’s cheesy and all but I kinda liked it.

Since the show is so 2000s, I would give a little premise here. The show is about the lives of supposed teenagers from elite families, and the lower outside family ‘the Humphreys’. The typical trust drama, scandals, and the never disappointing love-relationship complication.

Fair warning readers, the show is named ‘Gossip girl’ so we all deep in our hearts know what to expect and OH BOY! the show does not disappoint. Also, forgive me for drawing so many parallels with ‘Riverdale’.

Since I’m not the target audience for this genre, in other words, not a big fan of teen-forever-love or bitch drama kind the last of cons can go on and on and on. So, today we are just listing pros here.

First and foremost: The characters

Although, appearing to be the cliche cookie cutouts, but the show kind of owns up to it. They all knew exactly who they are and are 3D characters. No one is a saint or satan. And for once, I didn’t feel bad for being human and actually, enjoyed watching central characters giving in to the very humanly but damned emotions( although it would be nice to see them facing some consequences too).

Also, the group, in general, is very universal and hence relatable. All the characters had something we all could relate to and something we aspire to be. But also things that make them human, not idols, not models to follow or look up to. And also hate on those people, doing terrible things in the later seasons.

Second: The wardrobe

I’m watching this show almost a decade later, but still, the show doesn’t entirely disappoint on the costume front and many if not most can be worn today. In short, the costumes are still very relevant.

This might be the teenage girl in me speaking, but the party dresses are to die for. Sparkling yet classy, sexy not provocative, I’m in love you, guys.

Third: Chuck Bass

Call me crazy, but I’m ready to say ‘I do’ to this man. He is strong, independent, handsome, sexy, and extremely charismatic. He gives space to Blair but is always there for her. He is the most well-written character in the show, with very interesting character development. Moreover, I feel life is a game for him, which means you won’t ever get bored ladies but as we can see in the last parts of the series, he has learned from his past mistakes and knows when to stop. Can we get married already?

Now I’m not saying the series was genius or something because I have my fair share of problems but it is refreshing to watch something from a genre you hate, and still end up finding it interesting.

That’s it for today fellas. Ciao.